We are OXEN Technology… for Education

Technology doesn’t need to be complicated.

We know technology can be a hassle and a headache, but it doesn’t need to be that way. You may not have all the necessary skills on staff, or the time available, to manage all aspects of your IT. We know how to make things simple, so you can get back to work.


Network Essentials for Schools

We created the WorryFree Network Essentials for Schools bundle as a complete network management service focused on school administration IT. We manage it all, reducing both downtime and cost… giving your administration peace of mind. Let’s get from A to B…


School Administrators can’t work without access to servers, and our team ensures that this is never a concern. We know how to handle every alert, update, and notification that pops up.


Managing Windows desktops and workstations doesn’t need to be a hassle. We can easily maximize the performance of each desktop with proactive maintenance and regular check-ins.


Overall network health is vital to the operation of a successful school. We make sure that every part of your administrative network is strong.

How can we help you?

Focus on your school while we run your network.

Running your school’s IT is hard enough. Running your school’s administrative network doesn’t have to be. We start by asking, “How well is your network running? Is it healthy?” This first step is our Free Network Risk & Security Assessment — which tells you what your performance and security strengths and weaknesses are!

Admin IT doesn’t have to be confusing

We can help you make it simple and easy for your school